That’s life

Sometimes, when people suddenly loose something important from their lives, they start to overact, overcompensate things. Nothing good can come out of that. Sometimes the very people you try to help, think that you are doing it only for your own good. And sometimes the very people you care about the most, are the ones that hates the very being of you. And sometimes the people you don’t give a fcu*, are actually the ones caring the most. That’s life.  Not my life- this is not the standard pity fishing post you can have. I just sometimes tend to bound to other people emotions too much. I don’t always understand other people, but I guess it is for the best. 

So it made me think- what is the definition of a close friend. And is it a two way bound. Do you have to be in a constant contact? Do they want (/You want) to be your priority momentarily or in the long run? Does the close friend is there all the time or you just know that he may surface time to time when the matter is urgent or when there is a proper occasion? Bet when it happens you know that you will be ready to take a bullet for that other person and you are persuaded that he will do the same. Or is that just called using the people you know? I think it depends on the perception. Just like a good beer depends on who’s having it… That’s life. No beer for me this evening thou…

Window of my room is ready for that scene in Titanic…. I hope that soon all the devils will be out..


Viena atbilde to “That’s life”

  1. vio Says:

    a zini, next trip mums laikam jābrauc kruīzā…. 😛


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