Finally-The Alps

It all started with the Big Bang. But this story started early in morning in the center of Nancy when I met Jerome. In car we get and passing by my place to take card 12-25, we go south… Many hours… That were flying by because of the stories we shared. Once again- no matter which domain, there are always similarities and things to talk about… Found out some stuff about Alice and Flavian… Had some lunch on road… Thanks again for the trip…
The main part:
And we meet again.
Xavier (long time no see) has brought his little Kangaroo… True love story that should be heard some day…
Gabriel and Maria… I see them time to time but it was nevertheless very cool to meet them. Alice and Flavian that joined later… And the relatives of Flavian…
We all get together when it is already evening, so dinner it is and sleeping it is.. 😀

Next morning- “creme solaire 50” and off we go. Xavier’s old snowboard and boots. Unfortunately, my feet hasn’t gotten smaller and I was close to getting my toe nail off… Sad about first day, I left Alice, Falvian, Jerome and <> to go to meet Xav&Gab…

Ho-ho-ho… Not so fast… After changing boots, I felt much better, so I continued to snowboard with them. Rachel had just started skiing and Maria too. Crazy chick Rachel. I guess she is skiing better than I do at this moment. Maria, after some effort of both Xav and Gab, decided to have sexy ski trainer for the next day… When we get home, I was really thankful to Alice for “creme solaire 50” because “Grand et Gros” were all red-faced…

Next day, relax, take it easy, we go there late evening. Maria goes to her trainer… We go up… And then there is some :::hole who had short skies and no idea about how to break… Lot of things flying in different directions… Everybody is kinda ok, so he goes away and then my dear friend Gab realises that he is too open to the world and he should probably go to the hospital to close him up a bit.

An hour later he was back to ski…. And Maria had learned to ski too… My snowboard got cranky thou…

Sestdiena tika veltīta nekā nedarīšanai, pastaigai pa pilsētu, kartīšu un suvenīru iegādei…

Evening however- randonee around the city. Everything is illuminated. Nothing is for sure. But there is something…
Why now- because I found this only now stuck in the drafts. And also because I love you guys!!! So much!



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