Les alps

This goes to my friends and acquaintances. So – base is in English with some FR and LV… I hope to continue like this…
This is how I saw it. Maybe it will be a bit like a letter. So be it.
“Ceļojums vienmēr pirmām kārtām ir stāsts, kas tiek pastāstīts pēc atgriešanās mājās. Atgriešanās un stāsts. Tāpēc arī nav divu vienādu ceļojumu.”
So to say- journey is a story to tell when you get back. Or a story that you can tell to somebody. +1 from me. I remember when I watched firework last time. Without other person it’s nothing. OK- it’s pretty, but so is little kitten.
Since September I haven’t traveled a lot, so I got really excited about opportunity to go to the Alps with BDE++.
Still can’t really believe what happened this week. As in another reality, as that little girl Alice in the film.
Super-team (By Alphabet… almost):
Alice (Alice): Chief officer. Stays cold blooded and ready to take action. Has got totally cool bonnet/hat. The life and soul of the party.
Laura (Bob): Follows whether conditions and keeps the spirit high. Keeps helping me to widen my French vocabulary.
Julien (Corrigeux,Petit Bonhomme,Julien): There is something mysterious about this guy. No- I mean really. But in a good meaning.
Gabriel (Gab,Gaby): Gaby- That’s it. He was my bridge, my secret path to this marvelous group of people. And I’m pretty sure, we will make some cool project together in future.
Laura (Gonzi,(Peru)): Knows Riccard, but doesn’t know that pure it’s better. Still doesn’t know Bachatta. Knows how to explain terms from Griffor test.
Julien (La Mulle): He surely knows how to fight in the snowball war! Taught me lot of useful stuff. Together we figured out some roundabouts to cook pancackes of potatoes.
Vairis (Lecon,Letton,coupeur des doigts,…): You know me. Or do you? Qu’est-ce qu’on fait maintenant?
Marion (Mariong): She thought she had left us, but actually we had her with us all the time. All the time.
Marion (Mignonne): Mignonne. -10. Both of us had some seizures of craziness. That’s life.
Caroline (Minicrotte/Car(r)o): mignonne^{1/2}. Can’t really tell much about her- we didn’t talk much or something. Good first impression. Battery of positive charge. She showed me MontBlanc. IMMD.
Nelly (Nelly): Paparacci of the week. But not just that. (Sorry for the picture). I know that being the one, who usualy takes picture has it’s price. Believe me- we are more than grateful for your work invested. And sorry for cutting your fingers in the morning. Nature, you know.
Paul (Polo): Polo wears polo and drives polo. Compact.
Doux X(Z): To big, to describe. He wanted to stay anonymous, because he is already too famous. They say that brother of his brother is TonTonScanner.
Also starring:
Village Samoëns
Pizza boy;
Page 351;
Ta mère;
Boy, who I didn’t know;
Boy, who survived;
Quelque forfait;
Unbreaked wireless;
While searched for right spelling of “Qu’est-ce qu’on fait maintenant?”, found this one made me laugh – lyrics from past, and moves even more. Sorry Xav, but still enjoyed this more than NTM.
I decided, that this will be sufficient to show where was I. Not far from MontBlanc. To see more precice, can search up in my Google map (here).
Friday morning:
Got up. NOT! Actually I woke up at midday, so I packed all up as fast as I could (karma bites back later). Few hours later and I’m by ENSEM backyard. A bit of packing and we can go… Still am not in belief, that something is happening… It didn’t take much- when I saw city lights in the night- that was it- spirit of travelling was back. I have seen so many cities in the nighttime- I guess Monaco has been the most impressing. Anyway- after flying through a bunch of memories, returned to Earth.
Got familiar with NTM- favorites of Xav.
Touche, touche pas! Mais touche pas, touche!
Friday evening:
Installed ourselves into a beautiful and cozy “chalet”. Thanks to Alice’s grandma. Haven’t seen her, but I like her already… 😉
Waking up after good sleep. Meeting friends, shaking hands, saying “how do you do..” oups. wrong song.
So- Saturday was devoted to warm up. Since it was my first experience with mountains, I paid extra attention… and felt down in first forfait. Forfait was the machine, that gets you up the hill. At least for me. At least then… Nevertheless, if you cross the forfait, you can get to completely new world. I guess that was my first free-ride where you need to really think about not loosing speed and not gaining too much speed.
Other thing that I needed to get used to, was getting one leg in and out of the fixations all the time (forfaits, you know).
Afterwards- my first télésiège. I guess for ones who do it since childhood, it’s not a big deal. For me it was. And it was “tellement cool”. Maybe that’s not the best expression that I could have found, but it serves well.
First time. It’s always special. I think this first time will deep in my memory- something that time can’t take away from you- that’s your first time. I remember like it was yesterday, the first time when I pedaled without any help, I remember my first real kiss, my First time, my first program in Pascal when I was 15, my first soldering, my first teacher, my first time, when I got hit by electricity, and so on, and now- also my first time snowboarding in real mountains. Together with all the other memories.
It was a bit too much to understand at first. All the possible paths. Choices… And real possibility, that you could get lost there…
I see that this will be a bit long- but I like long letters. You can read them. And afterwards you can reread them, because you have already forgotten the beginning.
We returned tired and happy. Evenings special kitchen. I don’t remember the sequence, but every evening- it was something fantastic. French, obviously, know how to cook and like to do it.
This evening I found out the truth about forfait. There is no truth. There is only another forfait!!!
“Picture this!” movie, to get in to the mood of snowboarding!
New day, new challenges.
Mariong thinks that she has gone (look earlier). Waiting for some others to come.
First télécabine/forfait. First big mountain. Second big mountain. Lots of lots of big mountains.
My strategy- follow Alice. Luckily there were no rabbit holes.
IT IS AWESOME to snowboard in mountains. You can always find the way down…
AND it is really nice to eat at the side of slope.
Bob taught me different parts of ski, snowboard- some of them are unknown by “francophones” as well. And different types of snow.
I decided that I won’t snowboard next day, to get some works done, save some money and get a bit of rest. But LauraBob convinced me that it will be really nice whether and we need to get the best of it. Just as the research says, one can’t argue with a beautiful women. And that’s good!
Mister Z, speaking with the words of Gaby, decided to sit home and be the coolest, by eating lot of meat in short period of time… 😀 I’m really thinking, whether it’s a good Idea to let him inside Latvia- maybe he will eat all the meat we have.
ahh- btw – this evening it was me and la Moule who were responsible to make the supper…
Now I’m sure about few things:
I cook worse than I swim (and I have drowned once)/I need to read leas sci-fi and more cooking books;
There are some ways you make pancakes and some ways you don’t;
It’s good that Gabi and Xav ate all- it gave impression, that everybody liked them;
After deciding, changing one’s mind, “re changing” mind etc, I went to enjoy the beautiful day.
Carro showed me MontBlanc. Just here understood once again, why is it called MontBlanc.
After my flip with snowboard and pretty cool move that Alice made, today’s discovery was “Powder snow”/poudreuse… I had some of it before, but now it was completely fresh and completely awesome.
I started to understand the planning of the slopes and mountains, so it was time for me to leave now. Till next time. Mountains, you shall be prepared!!! Because I will be.
These three days opened a whole new world for me. World, that takes you and from which you can’t come back afterwards. Like with the travelling. Afterwards, all your life is just a phases between travels. And that’s the way it should be. You work just to be able to travel and enjoy life. Otherwise, it would be like mearcats in Lion King “All we do is dig so we can hide and hide so we can dig.”
Initial plan- stay home, act nerdy, program.
Final plan- spend cool time with Carro, les deux filles mignonnes et Petit bonhomme.
Haven’t had that much of energy for a long time. I think that’s because of the fresh air. Showed my French friends my little trick of Latvia who you need to get down the hill (because we don’t have mountains). Anyway, as I said to Bonhomme: “I run. When I can’t run, I go. When I can’t go, I crawl. When I can’t crawl, I lean. And If I’m not at the finish by then, I’m either dead or I know I did my best.” To run in the snow of at least 1m depth as fast as you can. To reach the limit, when your heart beats louder than clock (and faster too). That day I had an overwhelming feeling of luck. As with Felix Felicis.
Felix Felicis had worn out, but the god feeling stayed with me.
Today- rackets(spelling?)
First time for me. ENJOYED! Going up the mountain, seeing all the peaks, looking over the mountain map. And it takes just 5 minutes for the whether to change. When we were coming back, sometimes we could just se some meters ahead.
Conversation with Gaby and Julien let me to understand, what is Latvia to me and what am I to Latvia. Worthwhile knowledge.
I claimed to see somebody under the tree, but other group topped me, finding completely functioning Yetty:
Did some work, spent some time looking in fire. Spent some time looking in snowing sky. Spent some time to watch Olimpic Games. 2 Medals for Latvia. But that I figured out much later.
All the week we were enjoying some nice cooking. And on the top of it- fondu with a melted cheese.
Not mentioning the fact, that I don’t use cheese as food. At least I didn’t before I arrived to France. But the way they make it… It’s just too good.
I wrote to a friend of mine few days ago, that I call this a life worth living. And this surely was week worth spending.
To say that I enjoyed this weekend would be the same as saying that there are some good wines in France.
Gulag- water and friend Riccard (hoping to asleep) every two hours in the night. Cutting fingers in the morning. Busy night, huh! Get up already. Polo woke me up 6:30 or smth…
Visited Switzerland. Very sleepy country… or maybe it was me(?) naah…
Few hours later, back to reality. With a pair of dirty socks, mobile charger and unforgettable week in my backpack.
Here is how I saw it:
If anybody wan’t this in full resolution (wallpapers and stuff), let me know… 😉
Other pictures you can enjoy in facebook. All the rest stays in our memories. Se ya folks.
Petit Bonhomme

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