MATLAB isn’t friendly with 7

No can do- tried to install it 3 times- 3 times my computer crashed (bringing to total 3 times in last few months). Nevertheless, Janis helped to understand least square method.  Now trying to bring it all together…

MATLAB without support of Java is like d*** without condom- functioning, but can’t do pretty stuff…

2 Atbildes to “MATLAB isn’t friendly with 7”

  1. Andris Says:

    Salīdzinājums vnk priceless!😀

  2. Pēteris Says:

    Ar domu Matlab neiet uz windows 7? Vai kas ir domāt ka nav draudzīgs ar 7?

    Ja tas ir domāts W7, tad iesaku XP Mode, arī man ir pāris app, kas nedraudzējās ar W7 pa tiešo, bet caur XP Mode viss strādā kā nākas🙂


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